Pharmaceutical Warehouse Solution provided by DCH Auriga

With well-quipped and high-tech pharmaceutical warehousing solutions established in Asia Pacific, DCH Auriga serves the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector with optimised storage conditions and proven service quality.

Check Out the Basic Aspects of Pharmaceutical Warehouse Solution in Current Times!

Are you taking the initial steps in the pharmaceutical market? Well, if South and South East Asian countries are your target, then having a detailed knowledge of the pharmaceutical warehouse solution is a necessity. In this industry, the regulatory requirements are of topmost priority, especially in terms of storage and further distribution.

Each of the concerned contexts has certain benefits associated with it as well. Hence, it is important to note these benefits that are associated with such pharma warehouses for ensuring a perfect collaboration.

There have emerged in recent times, multiple partners who have promised to provide ideal warehouse solutions and hence, before you get to the core of it – it is time to glimpse through some aspects of such solutions.

Primary features of pharmaceutical warehouse solution:

1.Correct warehouse management solution

A quality warehouse is that, which has quality solution system as well. Most of the professionals have a management software which helps in synchronizing every detail from receiving of products to its final delivery.

2.Following of ZoneRunner format

This is another positive associated with such warehouse design standards. This is a semi-automated format with piece pick process applicable at every step. Hence, this streamlines the whole process and increases accuracy of inventory.

3.Picking of solutions

Technically, this has 4 categories which include – zone to zone format, person to goods format, goods to person format and finally complete automated picking system. These are customised to meet requirements of every individual and can match up to constant changes.

4.The WareHouseRunner format

In this case 3 models are integrated into a singular system – receiving of module, its storage and internal shipping. This not only increases storage space, but also ensures less damage for available goods.

5.Material Handling transport system

For both case handling and pallet handling, proper integration of automation units are a must, and professional pharma warehouse standards actually match up to that level. Understanding goals of customers and framing solutions according to their strategies – this is one of the most important facets that needs to be noted.

Certain specific benefits of these solutions include:

1.Logistics to comply with given regulations:

These professional pharma companies and their warehouses follow a certain set of rules that benefit their clients. Hence, logistics, in spite of an approximate cut of 30% in cash amount, still follow these regulations and ensure complete clarity in terms of arrangement and delivery of products. Collaborating with any such warehouse solution is a great option.

2.Efficiency of supply chain management:

This is another positive aspect of these warehouses – their effectiveness in dealing with supply chain management. There is a symmetry in this supply chain that professionals vouch for, ensuring that consistency is maintained in terms of collection and final distribution of products.

Going by challenges of meeting the latest demands, pharma companies are turning into automated warehouses, wherein, there is a need for quality control minus any human interference. Hence, make sure you have chosen the correct unit to collaborate, since pharmaceutical warehouse solution is surely a matter of great concern for this industry.