About us

Our Expertise. Your responsive healthcare partner in Asia

Auriga is an Asian-based integrated market management provider specialising in healthcare. We aim to connect the world’s leading healthcare and life sciences companies to care providers and patients across Asia with a comprehensive range of responsible and effective market management solutions.

For over 50 years, we’ve helped our partners bring essential pharmaceutical and life science offerings to Asia with ethical integrity, partnership and transparency. Offering both commercial and logistics solutions, Auriga has operations in Hong Kong, Macau, mainland China, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines. In alignment with our mission to enrich lives with quality care, we distribute more than 500 brands at over 10,000 points of sale.

In November 2017, LF Asia was rebranded as DCH Auriga to signify a new chapter for the company with an exclusive focus on the healthcare industry. Our name is inspired by a constellation known in both the Western and Eastern traditions as 'the charioteer. It symbolises our commitment to help our principals navigate market complexities as they explore new opportunities. Auriga represents our mission of stewardship, expansion and growth.

Our Mission. Enriching lives with quality care

We’re here to enrich lives by making the right health care solutions more easily and readily available across Asia.

In the healthcare sector, research and innovation drives continual improvement in treatment options, but bringing these care alternatives to new markets and networks can be challenging, costly and time-consuming.

At Auriga, we specialise in understanding Asian markets to help medical, pharmaceutical and life science companies bring their products where they are needed by navigating regulatory processes, supply chain complexities and local market preferences. And we do it all with the highest emphasis on safety, responsibility and product integrity.

Our Promise. You want to achieve what? By when?

Business today operates at an ever-increasing pace with unique opportunities in every distinct market. We specialise in anticipating changes and managing market challenges. Your Auriga team is empowered to be responsive, adaptive and ready to evolve. We understand the challenges you face and have developed expertise over decades of managing local markets for our international partners. We believe in win-win partnerships and will work with you to find the best possible solutions to achieve your objectives. We offer a different kind of market management service that goes well beyond the physical movement of goods by establishing and true strategic partnerships with open communication channels.

Are you ready to achieve your Asian market objectives? We’ll say...

challenge accepted.

Our Commitment. Giving back is in our DNA

At Auriga, positively contributing to the individuals, caregivers and communities we serve is at the heart of our business. In addition to our ongoing efforts to bring life-enhancing products to market, we understand the importance of giving back and remain committed to building sustainable futures for both our business and our many stakeholders. We uphold the highest ethical standards at every level of the supply chain because we know the importance of each and every product we deliver.

In support of our mission to enrich lives, we regularly participate in activities to support our communities and help those in need.

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