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Storage quality,cold chain and complex logistics operation processes can post challenges for healthcare companies targeting Asia. DCH Auriga's team is ready to help and simplify your market expansion plan.

What Are the Challenges and Solutions for a Complex Logistics Operation?

To start off with details associated with complex logistics operation, it is important to note that close to 50% of small entrepreneurs dealing with medical services have been facing logistics issues. Amidst this, close to 80% are concerned with plans to reduce the costs associated with such services, while around 33% approximately have reduced these costs to a great extent.

A very important aspect that is missed out in most cases is that – there are a number of pharma companies that have not only taken up the challenges, but also made it a point to deliver the best services within limited costs. These companies – though new on board, yet have a professional approach in dealing with challenges served up by logistics, thereby ensuring the best to its clients.

Before getting to why these companies are the best options and how they sort out every detail – it is important to check out challenges associated with this industry.

Challenges of logistics management:

There are a number of challenges that one has to face in this logistics operations and management. Scroll down to take a look at the most probable logistics and supply chain management issues.

1.Maintain daily/weekly/monthly records and update those in a regular manner.

2.Manage the temperature conditions and maintain the quality of each of these products.

3.Correct stacking of products and maintain the level of cleanliness.

4.Noting delivery date and details of each product and ensuring smoothness in this process. Most importantly, emergency products need to be categorized in a specific manner.

5.Management of security levels, and monitor level of stocks on a regular basis also happen to be one of the issues of complex logistics operation.

How to deal with such issues?

To deal with such major problems of logistics operation – there are certain basic factors that most of the professionals ensure. Scroll down to know more -

1.Risk mitigation strategies and contingency planning are one of the most important duties that professionals ensure. Given that logistics is one of the most important aspects – with cost cutting being a major drive, planning for an emergency and being prepared is one of the best ways to deal with such issues.

2.Many professionals have introduced concept of clinical data warehousing. This is a format that helps in managing clinical data in an organised manner.

3.Each of the procedures – from taking orders to maintaining and finally delivering them with special care of emergency goods are managed both in a computerised format, as well as manual help. This manual tracking is an essential component of most of these professionals.

4.The final point that these professionals ensure is that constant upgradation of these regular logistics issues. This is one of the most important points that differentiates professionals from regular pharma companies.

Are you now sure of the techniques that are followed by professionals for ensuring a smooth procedure of complex logistics operation? The most important point to note in this aspect is – the collaboration should be with an authentic company that is placed as the best in the market, since this will help in ensuring greater efficiency.